Taito Shop

Taito Shop Helsky has operated as a marketing channel for craft products in Helsinki for over 40 years. 

The product range comprises distinctive and current products from artisans and small-scale industrial manufacturers. The products enrich everyday life and make excellent gifts. Helsky is a prominent collaborator with craft entrepreneurs and small business owners. 



Craft School and courses

Craft Schools for children, youth and adults. The children’s craft education programme runs for 6 years and the adults’ programme for 4 years. The Taito Craft School offers Joy of Making – Fun in Innovation – Delight of Learning

Taito Courses provide you with the opportunity to produce trendy and topical articles as including designs from the National Joy of Making (Tekemisen ilo-) Collection. The Taito Courses are mainly short educational units, lasting 1 to 2 evenings. 

Craft Clubs, the Knitting Club provides a setting for sociable knitting. It is suitable for to people who are interested in knitting, but are not quite sure where to start.  The Handicraft Club provides opportunities for trying out different techniques and exploring various materials. The Club meetings, which are led by highly-qualified teachers, offer interesting projects in an enjoyable and encouraging atmosphere.