1.-31.8.2017 Taito Shopin ikkunanäyttelyssä Unique Design Finland Oy

Taito Shop Helskyn myyntinäyttelyyn on tulossa pieni maistiainen ArcticQueen®- mallistosta ja Lapin väreistä.

Tuotteet ovat yhdenkoon ja antavat villan lämpöä viileneviin iltoihin. Asuja ja asusteita, jotka ovat armollisia ja näyttäviä.

ArcticQueen®-asuissa voi olla oma itsensä, näköisensä ja kokoisensa. 

Villi ja vapaa aikuinen nainen.

ArcticQueen® delights and inspires.

Beautiful, powerful and profound, just as nature in the north is. Full of freedom. ArcticQueen® is a tribute to northern women.

In the past they had to survive rugged conditions, raised children, washed diapers in cold water and believed in the future. Some of them were such free spirits that they were burned as witches. To this day the northern woman walks her own path in the fells as well as in her professions. Maybe the witches of yore are the business women of today. 

ArcticQueen® uses therapeutic wool; clothing and accessories that are gentle and attractive.

When you wear ArcticQueen® clothing you can be yourself: an adult woman. 

Wild and Free.